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WildJack Casino Review


Wild Jack is more than a casino - WildJack Casino is undoubtedly the best online blackjack casino on the Internet. The site offers 40 different types of blackjack, with everything from single-hand blackjack to multi-hand blackjack. Overall, the casino has more than 500 different web-based gambling games, with everything from online roulette, online keno, online Sic Bo, video slots and baccarat to a slew of slot games and assorted craps games.

Apart from all of the games that it offers, the site has signup match bonuses on initial deposits, as well as ongoing deposit bonuses and promotions that are frequently updated. There is also a top-tier VIP program with higher deposit bonuses, sweepstakes, special events and premium customer support resources. All in all, this is an online casino that specializes in blackjack, but also offers everything else that the largest gambling sites offer.

Despite the increasing popularity of poker, blackjack is still the world’s favorite card game. Walk into any brick-and-mortar casino and you will find at least a few blackjack tables. The problem with traditional casinos, and the vast majority of online casinos, is that only one or two variants of blackjack are offered; you can play single-deck blackjack or six-deck blackjack with the same sets of rules. Some casinos might go so far as to offer double-deck games and Spanish 21, but the options are still extremely limited.

At Wild Jack Casino, you have 40 different blackjack gaming options. If you want to play a game with a high degree of player control and a fair amount of strategy, find a blackjack game with favorable rules and one or two decks. If you want to maintain that game stability, but you want to place side bets that have the potential to make you tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars, find a six-deck game with a suit or pair-matching side bet. Wild Jack Casino has some variants of blackjack with rules that may remind you of when you were a kid and you used to give different pieces new abilities on a whim; in these games, you can find a game with rules that fulfill your fantasies.

Wild Jack Mobile

The phone-based version of the site doesn’t offer as many games as its PC-based counterpart, but it has a few of each type of game, making it a viable option for people who would like to casually gamble online from their phones. Alternatively, the phone based client makes it possible for people who usually play on the main site to still play some of their favorite games when they do not have access to their main computers.

Just because the games are scaled down for smart phones does not mean that prizes have been scaled down, too. When you play in the mobile version of the casino you are competing for the same progressive jackpots as everyone else. For instance, if you win the famous Mega Moolah progressive jackpot, your minimum prize is £1 million, though the jackpot is usually far beyond that. There are other games that allow you to play at high limits. Another game with a very high jackpot is Major Millions, a three-reel, three-coin progressive jackpot slot that has a jackpot that frequently goes well over £3 million.

Wild Jack Mobile has a great game of single-deck blackjack that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Blackjack is the only casino game against the house that can be consistently beaten with adequate skill. The site doesn’t discourage skilled play, so this is a great option for blackjack aficionados.

The game is easy to learn, and you can play an even game with the house by merely learning the Basic Strategy. If you combine the Basic Strategy with some elementary running count techniques, combined with the random shuffling after each hand, it may be possible to squeak by with a very small edge against the house. Regardless of whether you are a highly skilled player or not, the rules are more liberal and the dealing is much faster than any blackjack game you will find in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino. By the way, play at the mobile casino is much more exciting than doing it the traditional way, just give a try!

Welcome Bonus Get up to €500 free
Extra Bonus €25 extra bonus when depositing via Citadel, Click2Pay, eCheck, FirePay, InstaDebit, MoneyBookers, Neteller, PaySpark, UseMyBank!
Payout 96.80%
Currency US Dollars, Euros, UK Pounds
Languages Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Deutschland, Español, Français, Italian, Chinese
Software Microgaming
Games Over 500 casino games
Deposit Options Citadel, Click2Pay, eCheck, FirePay, InstaDebit, Master Card, MoneyBookers, Neteller, PaySpark, UseMyBank, Visa
Withdraw Options ACH, Check, Click2Pay, FirePay, NETeller
Telephone USA: 1-866-251-2235 (Toll-Free)
Canada: 1-888-328-3619 (Toll-Free)
UK: 0-800-917-4616 (Toll-Free)
Email General: support [AT]
Affiliate Site BrightShare
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2.1 out of 5 - from 99 votes

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