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BrightShare Casino Affiliate Program Review


UPDATE: BrightShare has been merged into Fortune Affiliates and actually migrated to Buffalo Partners.

BrightShare Casino AffiliatesIn the online casino gaming industry, casinos are in the business of acquiring customers and making money when those customers gamble. In some cases, players like to spread the wealth between several different casinos. By providing click through advertising banners through an affiliate programs, online casinos have the opportunity to earn money from customers who might be playing on other sites.

BrightShare is a third-party casino affiliate program that facilitates the referral process for its member casinos. Some of the online casinos currently maintaining memberships with BrightShare include Jackpot Factory, All Slots Casino and Mobile Casino, All Jackpots Casino, Wild Jack Casino and Mobile Casino, First Web Casino and VIP Lounge Casino.

As an affiliate program member, an online casino is eligible to earn commissions ranging between 25% and 40% on an escalating scale based on revenues earned by a referred site off of the losses incurred by referred players representing a referring site. BrightShare has a software program that tracks player activity and generates statistical reports for the parties involved. At the end of each month, commissions are tabulated and the referred company is prompted to pay monthly commissions to the referring company. These payments are usually sent by cheque, wire transfer or facilitator like Skrill of Neteller.

If the referring site so chooses, there are alternative ways for revenues to be shared. One of the most popular alternatives would be CPA or "cost per acquisition," which allows the referring site to collect a one time upfront fee for referred players.

BrightShare also pays commissions to third parties who refer new affiliates. The thinking being that with more affiliates involved in the program, there will be more opportunities for member casinos to cross advertise for each other.

Now for the bad news. Due to what could be considered predatory behavior, several watchdog sites put BrightShare on its rogue list back in mid 2013. This was done when several referring casinos complained that BrightShare had unilaterally changed the terms on contracts without consulting or gaining the approval of affiliate program participants. The three contract changes that created the issue involved guidelines for removing players from the referral list, a new requirement that a referring site had to continue supplying an affiliate site with at least one new customer every three months or lose all commissions, and players were given a directive that they had a monthly deposit cap, which effectively keep a referring site's commissions at the lower end of the scale.

In the affiliate program industry, these kinds of retroactive changes are unacceptable.