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Grand Virtual


UPDATE: Grand Virtual Software Has Been Closed in January 2013

Grand VirtualAre you gaming freak! Be ready as the Grand Virtual technology will take you deep in ocean of excitement. Grand Virtual Software is the most innovative and secure online gaming platform. It’s 3 D interactive platform is strong enough to make a gaming experience a thrilling and personalized one. The technology is not only in gaming but also in eWallet as well as complete property management tools. Key features of Grand Virtual Software include: Most innovative graphical front end tools, Peer to peer chat room, multilingual context sensitive help, Multiple payment methods, Robust security, Very interactive graphical display, powerful transaction processing mode, Supported by Data mining tools, More than one payment mode. The global acceptability is achieved by its availability in various language pack. The trust factor is covered by the licensed issued to the thousands of the grand virtual software by online gaming alliance (OGA).

Online Gaming Technology

Its modular, distributed web service architecture provides a high and robust transaction capacity for global gaming moreover makes it highly extensible for future growth. The gaming servers are easily extensible and adaptable to the future technology. The online gaming sites powered by Grand virtual are:

  • Real Time and supportive to both traditional and up-coming gaming models. Supports all possible permutation combination among the players such as peer to peer, One to many, many to one etc.
  • Possibility of Multi-options for client machines such as PCs, mobile phones ,interactive TV, gaming consoles and others.
  • Incorporates the use of various multimedia technologies such as Java, Flash, Shockwave, ActiveX, DHTML, AJAX and various streaming formats.
  • Multi - tiered licensee programs makes the grand software technology highly trustworthy and its multi language support as well as diverse payment method extends its reach to the global market.

Gaming Platform Architecture

The advanced modular architecture makes grand software technology very powerful, extensible, scalable and secure. Gaming clients on various platforms communicate in a secure mode across the global internet with 2 type of gaming servers:

Real Time gaming servers.
Web forms server that manages all sort of client information.
The gaming servers output are subjected to the transaction server that holds the business logic as well as third party payment processors. The central database connected to the transaction server acts as a reservoir of the client’s information and provides integrated tool sets for fraud control, data mining, and player support and license management. Multiple payment processor gateway capabilities make the payment process very adjustable with the diversity of the international market.

Software Products

The grand virtual technology software products are based on:

  • Universal Gaming Platform — GVS provides powerful software supports for online gaming and offers modular, secure and reliable universal gaming on Unix based back-end infrastructure.
  • Casino Client Software — Casino style game that runs on Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP featuring realistic 3-D casino floor, Context sensitive help , multilingual support and embedded payment methods makes it user friendly.
  • Multi-Player Poker Software — Multilingual 3 D poker room setup ad moreover step by step poker tutorial availability gives a shining edge to this product.
  • Affiliate Relationship Management (ARM) Software — provides end to end web based marketing of the gaming products.

Lastly, The grand virtual software technology marks the beginning of a revolution in the gaming industry. The technology has enough powers to drive the players senses crazy.