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888 Holdings software review


888 Holdings888 Holdings is an online company that is responsible for online gaming and software. It has been around since 1997 and besides being responsible for the software it also assists in developing different casino platforms with eye catching graphics that keep people interested in playing.


The company was not always known as 888 Holdings PLC though and when it originated in the Virgin Islands their name was Virtual Holdings Limited. They became known for their original program and product which was Casino On Net. They operated under this single platform until 2002 when they also introduced the Reef Club Casino. The introduction of their second casino to the marketplace was when they adopted the name 888 Holdings PLC and they have been known under this alias ever since. The company was thriving on its success and decided that they should also open in 2004 which was established in order to allow individuals who were not located in the United States to participate in gambling and different types of casino software that they had to offer.

Availability of 888 Holdings

The company offers two individual casinos on the internet that are available for individuals to play at and enjoy themselves with. These casinos that are provided and operated by 888 Holdings are very well known and give players two different options for playing. People who are going to be playing frequently will want to download the software to their computer and play that way. Someone who is away from home or on a computer which isn’t convenient for downloading things can play directly through the website. Either way allows individuals to get the full gambling and casino experience that is offered.

Individuals who want to begin trying some of the offerings such as Pacific Poker for example also have the option to try to play it for free just for fun before they actually start spending money in the game. This allows individuals the chance to evaluate the program and how it works before they spend their hard earned money on the recreational activity. The fun that can be had through these programs such as 888bingo and 888 sport can be done by individuals who classify them as both 888ladies and 888men as well. Either sex can enjoy the program in the same exact manner.

Quality of 888 Holdings

888 is a very well known and respected online gambling and casino company and software. They pride themselves on offering a fun yet efficient platform to play on for individuals from all over the place of all ages. Both of their platforms are fun to play with and offer an excellent gaming experience. The requirements to play are minimal and all people should be able to meet them. They require an internet connection and a standard computer. All of the players should also know that the gaming is evaluated consistently by eCOGRA to ensure that the styles of play are fair for everyone involved. This keeps players protected from scams and allows them to enjoy themselves completely.