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Free Online Scratch Cards

Choose and play at your favorite scratch games right here. Find new games added regularly such as scratch cards and instant win games. You don't need to download for playing, just select the game and play for free. If you like this page, do not forget to add it to favorites and share it ..have fun!

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All you have to know about online scratch games

Perhaps one of the most widespread and well known types of lottery game is the "scratch game." Also known as "scratch cards," "scratchers," "scratch-off games" and "scratch its," these games are simple in format but diverse in their implementation. They generally consist of a card made from paper or card stock. The paper chosen is usually fairly firm to maintain the physical integrity of the card when it is operated. Upon this card, a layer of easily removed material, often latex, is applied.

This layer is generally decorated with the theme of the game. For example, it might look like a series of fruit icons, similar to a slot machine. It also might resemble a traditional card game, a "Tic Tac Toe" board or a chess board. New styles are frequently released to keep the games fresh. They are usually highly colorful and festive in nature to attract the attention of the customer.


In order to play the game, the customer generally uses a coin to scrape the latex material off of the card after purchase. This reveals information that was previously obscured. The most common format provides the player with one or more numbers. These numbers, the "winning numbers," are then compared to other scratchable blocks. If the numbers match, the player wins a predetermined quantity of money. They may also win a free card.

Though less common, some cards use icons that can be matched up. It is becoming increasingly common for icons to appear, although far less often, in the place of numbers. For example, some scratch cards sold in Florida use a roll of dollar bills to indicate an instant win of $20 without matching up any values. In some applications, these icons can indicate a multiplier that increases the amount of money won using a matched number set. Some icons indicate that the player has won all of the prizes listed on the card, regardless of the numbers that they uncovered.


Prior to the mid-1970s, these cards were manually produced. The information hidden on the card was produced using a manual method, such as "pop up balls" with numbers printed upon them, mechanical randomizers and with the rolling of dice. In 1974, these cards started to be produced with random data produced by a computer.

Using dot matrix printing techniques and software based pseudo random number generators, these cards could be cheaply and rapidly produced. Because computers work in a procedural way and are therefore incapable of producing 100 percent random values, these generators can be "seeded" with data from a source that is highly difficult to predict. A very comprehensive way to generate this pseudo random data is by reading atmospheric noise.

These cards are generally redeemed using a computer based system. A bar code on the back of the card corresponds to the results printed under the latex layer. This bar code contains encoded data that indicates the prize that has been won, if any. The code can be read by an embedded computer with a laser scanner.

What are scratch card games?

Scratch cards are games of chance where the player has to do nothing but scratch some boxes (virtual cards in the case of online gaming) to see if a winning combination occurred.

How many types of scratch cards exist?

There are unlimited types of both offline and online scratch cards. Although the function is similar for all games, graphics and the topics are closely related to the imagination of the producer.

Where to play scratch cards online?

On official casino sites with regular license, and from countries that allow gambling - or on informative sites that offer free demos for entertainment. Scratch card games for real money are prohibited for underage.

Is possible to play scratch cards offline?

Depending on the country, you can buy scratch cards (if you are not underage) in bars, tobacconists, newsstands and even supermarkets. A state concession is required to sell them.