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Three card poker rules


Three card poker or 3 card hold'em, is a game based on poker and is played in casinos. The game actually consists of 2 separate games: an ante and play and pair-plus. The player can choose to play either one of both the games. Three card poker is actually an American version of the British Game that is known as Brag. The game was developed 300 years ago and was then known as Primero, fast moving betting game using just three cards at a time. With time the game has evolved, earlier it was known as post and par and later came to be called as Brag. This game when launched in US came to be known as Brit- brag and Casino Brag. The latest name that this game enjoys is three card poker.

The game is similar to Indian teen Patti game with few minor differences. The main difference is that the ranking of the three of a kind and straight flush are interchanged whereas in Teen Patti, none and high card are merged together.

Standard Rules
The game follow two independent bets and a player who understands these rules completely can play it considerably well. The two bets are Pair Plus and Ante and Play. A player must make a wager on both of the bets or in one game before commencing the deal. The cards are distributed from a deck of 48 cards and hands are ranked in descending order i.e. from highest to the lowest:

Straight flush, three of a kind, straight, flush, pair, nothing.

Pair plus:
The result of the pair plus bet are evaluated only through the ranking of the player’s hand, the dealer’s hand is being irrelevant. The players lose his bet with nothing and win it with a pair or better. The typical pair plus table is as follows:

Hand Straight Flush Three of a Kind Straight Flush Pair
Payout 40 to 1 30 to 1 6 to 1 4 to 1 1 to 1

Ante and Play
An ante wager is made before the cards are dealt. After a hand of 3 cards is dealt a pay may either:

1. Fold and lose the ante bet.
2. Play and make a further wager equal to the ante bet.

If the players make his mind to make the play, the cards at dealer’s hand are revealed and a showdown is called. If dealer has better or a Queen hands on his card then he qualifies. The result of the Ante and play is calculated by the following table with ranking of hands compared if the dealer qualifies:

Result Ante bet Pays Play Bet Pays
Dealer’s hand not qualified Win Even Money Push
Dealer’s hand qualifies, player's hand wins Win Even Money Win Even Money
Dealer’s hand qualifies, player's hand ties Push Push
Dealer’s hand qualifies, player's hand loses Lose Lose

If the player hand has a better or a straight bonus then he is paid on the Ante bet without considering the dealer’s hand or if the player loses or wins.