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Caribbean Hold'em Rules

Poker has been played since centuries. Earlier people used to gather in clubs and casino to play this game but today they can even play it online. Now poker fans do not have to yearn for a casino holiday to play their favorite game but can play it nay time and anywhere. Caribbean Hold'em Poker is a casino table game that is becoming very popular among poker fans. The game follows similar 5 card stud poker rules. Unlike most of the poker games, this game is not played against the players but against the house so it is free from deception and bluffing.

Rules to play Caribbean Hold'em Poker:
The rules to play this wonderful game may vary from one country to another but basic rules apply in every country:

  • A player play an ante wager and an optional progressive side bet for $1.
  • Every player including the dealer gets 5 cards each. All cards are placed with their face down except for one card with dealer that is exposed. A player can see his cards but discussion with other players is not allowed.
  • A player must fold or raise.
  • If player folds he surrenders his card, side bet and ante bet (if made)
  • If he raises his card then he must raise wager precisely equal to 2 times the ante
  • The dealer will turn his remaining cards.
  • In order to qualify a dealer must either have an Ace or King or higher value card. The lowest qualifying set of cards would be a king, ace, 4, 3, 2 and the non qualifying highest value card would be ace, jack, queen, 10, and 9. The player will win in case the dealer does not qualify and will also win the money on his ante wager and the raise will go high.
  • But incase the dealer qualifies and defeats the player then both raise and ante will lose.
  • If the dealer qualifies and the player beats him then the ante will pay the raise and money as per the posted pay table.
  • If player and dealer end up in a tie then both raise and ante will push.
  • The progressive side bet is completely based on the poker value of player’s hand. There are many pay tables available.
  • The supervisor governing the game will make the final decision in case of a dispute or misunderstanding.

The optimal strategy used in this poker game is little complicated. None is yet able to gain expertise in understanding and applying this strategy completely. However tow major generalizations can be made out of it:

  • Always raise with a pair or higher.
  • Always fold with less than the qualifying hand of dealer (ace/king) The ace/king hand is very tricky. Always fold with less than ace/king, raise with a pair or higher, raise on ace/king if any of the following rule applies

Always raise with a pair or higher, fold with less than ace/king, and raise on ace/king if any of the following three rules apply. Raise if the dealer has 2 through queen

  • Raise if the dealer's card is a two through queen and goes with one of your cards.
  • Raise if the dealer's card is a king or an ace and you have a jack or queen in your hand.
  • the dealer's card is less than the fourth highest card you have.