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Joker Poker Rules


How to play at Joker Poker

This is another prodigal child of Microgaming; the top online casino software producer in the world. A fantastic 53 cards game – 52-card deck + the joy-man joker. Joker is dealt as a wild card to complete any winning combination. The software automatically converts the Joker into required denomination to give you the best deal. The game requires the cards to be reshuffled before every lay-out, giving you a random deal every time.

The wager can be increased or decreased with clicks on + and – signs. Click ‘Bet One’ and one unit of the size of base wager is placed, likewise clicking on ‘Bet Max’ will put the maximum wager forth. It is really as easy as a child’s play to play Joker Poker, just click on ‘Deal’ button and see the things rolling. Player received five cards and need to click on which one s/he wants to hold.

An ‘Auto-Play’ is available for Players who wish to shift to Expert mode from normal mode. Of course it plays your hands automatically basing the decision on the best mathematical calculation possible in given circumstances. Just press ‘Draw’ and get all new cards laid out for you.

The game allows you to enhance your win if you have reached a winning hand. This can be achieved by clicking on the option ‘Doubling’, a fantastic feature which no other game offers but the Joker Poker. This of its feature allows you to force your face-down cards get up against those of Dealer’s cards. If yours is of higher value then you win double prize. Now keep doubling or call it a day, any time. Choice is yours.

The site provides many friendly customizations like sound control, gaming speed, and above all online assistant that hint you of the most promising bet after the best possible mathematical calculation in any given moment.

The highest jackpot that you can win is 5000 coins (depending upon the maximum wagering) but you need to get a ‘Natural Royal Flush’ for it; a Royal Flush without a wild card in it. The minimum bet can be as little as 0.25 and maximum can go 100 times high that is $25 in one go.

The most favored features of the Online Joker Poker are its Autoplay and Expert mode, Doubling option, Wild-card entry and Auto Re-bet. Some of the prime casinos that offer Joke Poker are Platinum Play, All Slots, 7 Sultans, Vegas Palms Casino and Royal Vegas.

Being a Microgaming product, it inherits all usual key characteristics that make these games most preferred among the online gaming community. Some of its peculiarities include user-friendly, clear graphics, easy to eye, easy navigation. All its options are obvious and within reach of even novice players. Payout table is quite prominent to give you a clear idea of what your pot is. It is easy to understand and easier to play. The help is always available on a single click. It’s ‘Doubling’ feature really doubles the fun for winner! A Must Try for any online adventurer.