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How to play at Caribbean Stud Poker game


Caribbean stud poker - payout table
caribbean stud poker - payout table

Caribbean Stud Poker offers an exciting table game so easy to play that resemble the five card stud poker, but is a bit different. Unlike other games, here you test your luck against house and not against the other player. No bluffing. No deception. Players place their ante at indicated positions on the layout but prior to the dealer. Then cards are given to each player and the dealer, five each. Now its dealer who turns the card up first and push it towards other players. The players can now look their cards without discussing with others. Players are bestowed with two options, Play or Fold. If they choose Play, they have to put their bets in the box. Or they may decide to Fold and forfeit their ante. Dealer reveals his cards only after player decides his move. The dealer then compares the cards and the best hand wins the bet.

As the players have played their move, the dealer checks own hand for an Ace/king combo. If it is not there than it is waived off and players receive their bucks back, sometimes even more in profit. For example if $2 was on ante and player could a call wager for $2 then he would get $6 back. But, if dealer has got an Ace/King combo then he would call for a Showdown against the player. As usual, if dealer has got the higher cards than money goes to him but if player has got the even higher cards than he gets $2 ante and $2 call wager on a 4 to 1 payoff, this earns him double the ante i.e $4 + four times the wager amount i.e. $16, thus the player earns total $20 on a meager bet of $4 only. There are some other rules too, which are better be learnt before setting off.

Progressive Jackpots

CSP has the credit of paying off some of the biggest progressive jackpots. There is a range of substantial profit to win and of course a luck-pot for the luckiest one. Players who take required ante before the game start may get in for one of the five progressive jackpots. All they need is to place a second wager in the designated Progressive Jackpot and place an ante bet, with an optional bet for the Progressive JP, too. If he happens to be one from the five highest ranked hands, he will be entitled for one of the five jackpots. PJs are available to all players during some specified sessions and the pot is split equally. Players win a portion of the pot even when the dealer has got a higher hand.

The five Progressive Jackpots at Caribbean Stud Poker are: Royal Flush (100%), Straight Flush (10%), Four of A Kind ($100 from the pot), Full House ($75 from the pot), Flush ($50 from the pot)

Players have different views about Caribbean Stud Poker, some like to play it but feel bored because of having no one else to play with, some like it for its simplicity, some players also start liking it once they have learnt how to play it.