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Bingo Rules - How to Play Bingo

Bingo is a game based on a chance where every player tries to match the numbers that are printed in different card arrangements. Here, the game host randomly draws a number, and the players have to mark the selected number with the tiles.

The History

About 3 million people in Britain play Bingo in their halls. And over 100+ million people play online Bingo live all across the world. Bingo has never lost its magic and excitement ever since its introduction hundreds of years ago. The game first started in Italy, and its origins trace back to “II Giuoco Del Lotto d’Italia,” which is a traditional lottery game during the 1500s.

Later on, it moved on to France during the late 1700s. Here, the game began to be known as “Le Lotto.” Wealthy aristocrats and Frenchmen loved playing this game traditionally during that period. But again, the name “Le Lotto” started changing as it traveled and evolved across Europe. And this particular version consists of 27 squares that are available in 3-rows and 9-columns.

It has numbers in random arrangement from 1-90 in the boxes. This design hasn’t gone out of style with time and is still present in Bingo’s online and today’s halls. Just like today, back then, “Le Lotto” witnessed a caller/host select a token of a wooden number to read it out loudly for the players. If any of the players had this number present on his/her card, they need to cover it.

The winner is the one who first successfully covers a full horizontal line. During the 19th century, the Germans also used Bingo as a tool for education. It helped in teaching the children their spellings, time tables, history, and animal names. The game was also heavily present in North America during the 1920s. But it was known as “Beano” out there, and the players call out this name when they win.

Edwin Lowe, who is an American toymaker, came across a famous carnival back in Georgia when he was traveling. There, he came across a crowd of people who were playing the ‘Beano’ game. The players win when they successfully fill an entire line in a horizontal, diagonal, or vertical manner. So, once he returned to New York, he wanted to create the same version.

Using dried beans, a rubber stamp for numbering, and cardboard, he played with his friends. All of his friends, including him, fell in love with the game. Out of sheer enthusiasm, joy, and excitement, one of his friends shouted “Bingo” when he won instead of “Beano.” From there, the name stuck around, and the game became viral all over America during the 1940s. Its peak of popularity was during the 1960s and is still very popular today.

Bingo Rules

The rules of Bingo are simple, but it can be played either online or in halls. So, the rules are going to vary according to the platform. The specific rules and the payouts applied in a specific location are present on the brochures and leaflets. And when it comes to online Bingo, the rules are present on the brand’s site that you chose. But generally, all of the players partaking in Bingo needs to purchase Bingo cards that have numbers present from 1-90.

However, the numbers in American Bingo consists of 1-75 only. Every bingo card possesses about 24 numbers accompanied by a blank square present on a 5-by-5 grid. Once the game begins, the host draws out random numbers for the players. Players need to pay attention to the numbers and finish the line quicker than their competitors. The player that completes the pattern first gets to win the prize.

A typical American bingo ticket
A typical ticket of American bingo, consists of a grid of numbers ranging from 1 to 75

The line can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, but all five numbers should be completed. The card numbers are assigned randomly on the card’s squares. Every player gets the opportunity to pick the bingo card of their choice. All of the cards aren’t just unique, but there is a series of both 6000 & 9000 cards present. In this way, the players won’t come across the issue of identical cards.

Players aren’t allowed to purchase any additional cards once the game starts. Every player needs to check his/her bingo card if they come across an announced number present on their card. Players should accurately mark the numbers on their cards. This process will continue until a player achieves Bingo! The game stops after that, and there is a proper verification of the results for awarding the winner.

The Difference Between a Hall Bingo & an Online Bingo

Bingo Hall

  • You need cash to purchase the tickets.
  • Players need to manually mark numbers the tickets.
  • Required to shout “Bingo” when they win.
  • Bingo of standard variants.
  • It is a sociable experience.

Online Bingo

  • The ticket prices are very low.
  • Combinations of numbers are marked automatically.
  • Game variants are unique.
  • The games are available for you 24x7.
  • Bingo bonuses are available for you.
  • Jackpots are larger and progressive.

Summing It Up!

Bingo is a simple yet fun game to play and engage in. You get to enjoy the game and also interact with many people. It is educational, intellectually, stimulating, and incredibly fun. Bingo isn’t just popular with senior citizens, but people of all ages love this game. It comes with a list of simple basic rules that you must follow strictly to win the prize. Today the game has over millions and millions of fans and players all across the world.

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