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Vegas 3 Card Rummy


Vegas 3 Card Rummy
About Vegas 3 Card Rummy: This is a 52-card deck game played between Dealer and the Player. The Player and the Dealer both are dealt with 3 cards, Player’s cards with face-up and Dealer’s with face-down. The goal is to get fewer points than the Dealer. In Vegas Three Card Rummy, Dealer needs at least 20 points to qualify for the same. If he doesn’t, the Player gets the bet; the money on Ante and even get the Raise returned to him. The Bonus Bet is determined from the Dealer’s hand though.

Rules of The Rummy:
Cards in the Vegas Three Card Rummy are dealt from a single deck. The Dealer is dealt with three cards face-down and the Player is dealt with the three cards face-up and the cards are shuffled after every hand. The payout for Bonus Bet is determined only by Dealer’s hand.

The Vegas Card Value is easy to remember, from 2 – 10 have face value, Jack, Queen and King receive 10 pints, Aces equal 1 point, and Any Pair, Any Tripe, Two-card Suited Run, Three-card Suited Run have their value as null. The Ace, King is not a suited run in Vegas 3 Card Rummy. In case when a hand has a pair or a two-card suited run and none is a lower score then the two-card suited run will lead the score.

The Ante Wagering Rule in Vegas 3 Card Rummy – Once an Ante Wager is placed, the Player and the Dealer both are dealt with 3 cards each. If player is not sure that his cards can get him the bet, he can fold the hand and forfeit the Ante Wager. But, if the situation is just opposite to it and the Player is confident enough to beat the Dealer, he is required to Raise the wager to the Ante amount. After Raising the Dealer would reveal his cards. If the Dealer gets the lowest point the Player loses. Dealer must have at least 20 points to qualify, though. If Dealer doesn’t qualify than the Player can claim the Ante and the Raise wager back.

Vegas 3 Card Rummy Bonus Bets:
The Bonus Bets are allowed to Players with 12 points or less. It is not based on the Dealer’s hand but measured from the total of the hands played. In case of a Fold the Bonus Bet wager is forfeited.

When You Win:
Player wins if his 3-card point total is below that of Dealer’s. Players also wins if the Dealer doesn’t qualify against the Raise, or if he has less points than the qualifying Dealer. Player wins the Bonus Bet is he receives 12 or even less points in the deal.

When You Lose:
Player loses the bet if he folds and the Dealer has got lower points. He also loses if he Raise and Dealer has got the lower point. Likewise the Player loses the Bonus Bet if he does not receive 12 or less points.

Overall this is a good entertainment with lucrative payback possibilities. It is getting more and more popular among the Players. Easy & exciting.