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How to play at Let It Ride Poker

Let it ride is a game that has emerged from poker but is played against the casino and not against the players. It is a very slow game and the chances to pull back 2 out of 3 bets has made this game famous among poker fans and table game neophytes. Also due to the slow pace of the same, some of the dealers have now started it calling by the name “let it die”. The game was developed by shuffle master who owns both the trademark logo and the name of the game.

Basic rules

The game is a variation of five card stud in which player wagers on the poker hand containing 3 cards in the hand of the player, and 2 community cards in dealer’s hand. The payout in the game is determined by the player’s hand ranking and the payout schedule.

Royal flush
1,000 to 1
Straight flush
200 to 1
Four of a kind
50 to 1
Full house
11 to 1
8 to 1
5 to 1
Three of a kind
3 to 1
Two pair
2 to 1
Pair of 10's or better
1 to 1

This is the standard form of payout schedule that is widely used at casinos around the world. There may be few individual payout schedules existing at different casinos, and the applying strategy may change as per the changing payout schedules.


Each player places 3 equal bets in three spaces labeled (1), (2) and ($). Some casinos also offer $1 optional bet as well. This side bets provides an extra payout if the player’s first 3 cards contain a winning hand. The house edge is usually 13% on this bet, making it one of the most horrible bets for any player.

The Game

This game compares the poker hand of a player with a payout chart instead of comparing it with dealer’s or other player’s hand. The player’s hand contains the dealer’s 2 cards and player’s three cards. Every player needs to keep the cards in easy view of the dealer every time. Winners are paid as per the payout schedule. The player gets an option of pulling back the 1st bet or leaving the wager once he looks at his three cards. Leaving the bet live is to “let it ride”.

A typical Let It Ride poker table
A typical Let It Ride poker table

Strategy and house edge

Similar to video poker and blackjack, the decision of the player in this game affects the house edge. The strategy mentioned below applies to the standard payout plan. With a right strategy the casino’s edge in Let it Ride is around 3.5%. When fixing whether to ride the first bet, you should pull it back unless you have any of the following:

  • Any three cards to a royal flush
  • Any paying hand
  • Any three suited connectors when the lowest card is three or higher
  • Three to a straight flush, spread four, with at least one card that's ten or higher
  • Three to a straight flush, spread five, with at least two cards ten or higher

When fixing whether to ride the bet 2, you should pull it back unless you have any of the following:

  • Any paying hand.
  • Any four to outside straight.
  • Any four to a flush.
  • Any four to inside straight, if the four cards are ten or high.

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