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Loose Deuces Rules


How to play at Loose Deuces

Loose Deuces come with the real excitement of Poker hand where wild deuces may turn in your favor and help you win the bet. Each hand comes with the excitement of great prizes associated with it. LD gives out wonderful rewards for four resembling hands and even greater for the Wild Royal. Play Single, Play double with No Bonus round or just play any number of rounds in a go! Single Hand or Multi Hand, choice is yours.

The game is not much different than Deuces Wild video poker except for its greater payout lines on some special rounds. That includes Wild Royal Flush with Deuces and 4 Deuces. It is a 52-deck, hand held game with 1h, 3h, 10h, 52h to 100h. There is no Progressive slot but Wild Cards are available with Gamble Winning. All its hands and payoffs are:

Hand Payoff
Natural Royal Flush 800
Four Deuces 500
Wild Royal Flush 25
Five of a Kind 15


Straight Flush 10
Four of a Kind 4
Full House 3
Flush 2
Straight 2
Three of a kind 1
Nothing 0

This is s deuces wild 5 card poker game. It is only different from its counterparts for its payout for 4 deuces. It pays, on a single coin, 500 coins while its max bet (5 coins) pays 2500 coins. The table is laid in the series of Three of a kind – Straight, Flush and Full house, Four of a kind – Straight and Flush, Five of a Kind – Royal Flush, 4 Deuces and Natural Royal Flush. Its highest payout is 4000 coins that comes with Natural Royal Flush.

Loose Deuces is played with 52 cards with a reshuffle on each hand. The bets can vary from 1 to 5 coins of denomination $5, $1, 50¢, 25¢, and 5¢. Players are dealt with 5 face-up cards in a manner of fifty-two hand grid and the starting card is displayed only at the bottom hand. You can hold or discard to achieve your highest paying combo. A highest wining hand can also be achieved by substituting the Deuces. 52-deck is used in each hand; containing the same cards as at bottom line hand. Draw requires remaining cards to each hand from separate decks. Winning combinations are proclaimed in the pay table at left-side and no-win will be shaded out of it.

I know, all you need to know after all this great Loose Deuces review is where to play it. So it is available online on Intertops Red, Cherry Red, Las Vegas USA, Rushmore, All Star Slots, Slots Plus, Slots Oasis, Doyles Casino and Bodog Casino. And the good news is that they accept US Based Players, too.

So, get up and get on and have your lot tested with a Loose Deuces 52 hand online single hand or multi hand poker pool, play a dale [AT] $0.01, .05, .25, .50 or give the lion-share a whole one but do not get distracted by ogling at the scantily clad woman whom they have placed at the very upper-right corner for the fact. Or just check her first, what she is dropping down.