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32Red Affiliates review


UPDATE: on the 1th November 2015, 32Red affiliates has been migrated into TTR Partners

Name 32 Red Affiliates (TTR Partners)
Software Microgaming
Revenue Share 25% - 35%
Pay Per Player Up to $100
Multi Tier 2%
Payment Methods Neteller, Check, Wire Transfer

32Red AffiliatesSince 2002, 32Red Affiliates is a marketing program which is synonymous for respect and honesty. Partners can work with 3 major on-line casinos: Dash Casino, Nedplay Casino and Golden Lounge Casino. Your starting commission is 25%, which is much higher than the 10% that most competitors start with. When you generate more than £15,000 per month in gross revenue from all of the players that you have secured, you make a 35% of commission. The site has no negative carryover, which is something that can greatly cut your earnings when you work with other programs. Any money that you earn from players is for the entire time that they play at any of the casinos that you directed them to. 32Red Affiliates is a great program to use if you would like to secure stable sources of passive income, make some money for retirement, building a portfolio or starting a bottomless holiday fund. Whether you are an experienced web marketer or you are new to the game, working with 32Red is free, so give it a shot and watch the money pour in.

The program’s 35% maximum commission isn’t quite as high as those offered by some others affiliate partnerships, but the complete lack of a negative carryover means that your realized commissions are greater than they would be otherwise. Your total balance is zeroed at the end of each month, after you have been paid, so you will not be penalized if your players hit jackpots or have winning sprees. You also start with a 25% commission, so you can still generate a proportionately high amount of money if you promote the casinos part time.

In the USA a lot of people believe that marketing at on-line casino is illegal, but truly that is not the case. Affiliate marketers are legitimate third-party marketing consultants and bloggers, since they are paid by the affiliate marketing intermediary instead of the casinos. So, even if you live in the US, you can legally promote 32Red and its partners. Bloggers, marketers, salespeople and webmasters with good American English have an advantage when it comes to promoting casinos. Regardless of where you live, with a few exceptions, you can use the program as a legal source of side income or promote casinos as a full-time job.

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