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Ace Revenue affiliate program review


Name Ace Revenue
Software Realtime Gaming
Revenue Share 35% - 40%
Multi Tier Yes
Commission Type REV Share / CPA Negotiable / Hybrid
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Methods Neteller, Click2Pay, Wire, Checks, FedEx, Click2Pay, Western Union

There's an old saying, "Man cannot survive on bread and water alone." When it comes to the iGaming industry, the saying could be revamped to say, "online casinos cannot survive on direct revenues alone." For anyone wondering what that might mean, many of the world's top software providers offer affiliate programs that allow member casinos to cross advertise and share commissions among themselves and the software provider.

Realtime Gaming has become one of the most easily recognizable names in the iGaming industry. As a value-added option, customer casinos are given the opportunity to request membership in Realtime Gaming's Ace Revenue affiliate program, which was founded in April of 2009. As a member of the program, operator sites will potentially become the beneficiary of advertising programs designed on its behalf by other sites working with Realtime Gaming. In exchange for these B2B referrals, the appropriate member online casino site is contractually entitled to commissions based on the final agreement.

The Ace Revenue affiliate program commission structure is employed as follows unless otherwise over-ridden by a special agreement. Note: All commissions are tracked, calculated and paid on a monthly basis. For the first 1-50 customers referred through Realtime Gaming to one of its other affiliates, the referring site is entitled to 35% of the net profits generated from those customers after being signed. For every customer referred over 50, the amount of the commissions goes up to 45%. As an alternative, cost per acquisition (CPA) deals can be requested by contacting the company's affiliate manager.

In most cases, all an online casino operator has to do is include banner advertising links throughout their own site, pointing directly at the intended affiliates. Through Realtime Gaming's affiliate software program, all referrals and referred customers are tracked from inception. After the monthly amounts have been tabulated, payments are made to members on a monthly basis. Should any of the referred customers incur big winnings, the referring affiliate will not be penalized. Also, negative customer balances are not carried forward to the next month. Note: all statistical information is available on a real time basis.

Ace Revenue

After collecting all commissions on behalf of its affiliates, Ace Revenue disburses payments to its members via Neteller, Check, Pay2Card, Casino Account and Wire Transfers. As affiliate programs go, Ace Revenue is pretty standard in all regards. Currently, the Ace Revenue Affiliate Program has fewer than 10 members, but hopes to increase its exposures in the near future.

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