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Affiliates United review


Name Affiliates United
Software Playtech
Revenue Share 12,5% - 45%
Pay Per Player Up to £300
Multi Tier 2%
Payment Methods Check, Neteller, Wire Transfer

Affiliates UnitedFormerly Casino Pays, Affiliates United is an affiliate marketer’s dream come true. The site works with far more brands than most of its competitors - with bingo sites, on-line casinos, poker rooms, mobile gaming casino sites and sports betting sites all included in this partnership program. Affiliates make from 12.5% to 45% of all revenue which is generated by players that they secure within the program.

Additionally, there is a side program that is based on “a cost per acquisition” what means that you can earn up to £300 per player acquisition. There is a 10-tier sub-affiliate setup in which you make varying percentages of whatever your sub-affiliates make. Considering how many partners are working with this program, this is a great site to use, whether you are just getting started as a web marketer or you would like to expand your current partnership portfolio.

Most of the revenue which is sharing through the site is based on a multi-tiered system, with you making more money when you secure more new players on a monthly basis. Some aspects of the gross revenue distribution are set up to encompass the money that you make from all of your sites combined; on the other hand, the poker room revenue is tiered according to how long each individual player has been actively playing.

The poker room revenue sharing has four tiers and the first tier is the highest. Tier one is when players have been playing for a month or less; you get 80% of the revenue generated by their play, as well as 30% of the revenue generated by their side games. After 4 months, you’ll get 45% of the revenue from poker players and 25% of the revenue from their side games.

Affiliates United is a company that caters to an international client base and works with independent salespeople from different countries. The site is operating in 15 major languages, meaning that you can still benefit from the program if English is not your first language; you can also set up multiple blogs and sites that direct traffic through your unique links in multiple languages if you are multilingual.

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