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Update: this affiliate program is no longer active and has been marked as 'ROGUE', due to unethical behavior

Name Affactive
Software Rival Gaming
Revenue Share 30% - 45%
CPA On Demand
Multi Tier 1st tier 8% / 2nd tier 4%
Payment Methods Neteller, MoneyBookers, Wire Transfer, Checks by Mail, WebMoney

AffactiveAffactive is an affiliate partnership program that connects web marketers and webmasters with 4 large on-line casinos. Rather than forcing you to contact the casinos individually and to negotiate fair commission deals, Affactive determine the details in advance, what means that you will never have to directly correspond with any of the clients. All you have to do is promote the products. Affactive uses the latest player-tracking software and cookies to accurately determine your fair share of any profits generated by players that you’ll find. The revenue percentages that you can get oscillate between 30% to 45%. There is also a cost-per-acquisition alternative for those affiliates who would rather be paid up front for new players. Another distinguishing characteristic of the Affactive program is that you are allowed to negotiate unique revenue sharing and CPA combination. On top of its base CPA and revenue sharing options, Affactive has one of the most competitive sub-affiliate schemes in the industry. So if you value transparency, flexibility and proper income this is a great program to work with.

Getting started is relatively easy. Most of all, you need to have a website or a blog that you are using. The site that you own must be compatible with HTML banners and ads. The entire purpose of working with any affiliate program is to drive up profits for a specific client, or clients, and then share in the income generated by those web users you have secured. Through Affactive program, a “depositor” is essentially any web user who you have directed to one of the on-line casinos, and who deposits money to a gaming account. From that point, you are getting paid a certain percentage of his/her net loses at the end of each month – forever! Alternatively, you can use the CPA program and be paid for each confirmed depositor, forfeiting your rights to any future revenue sharing. Lastly, you can negotiate some combination of CPA and commission with your Account Manager. More active affiliates are rewarded with higher commissions and potentially higher CPA rates.

Sub-affiliates are other web marketers, webmasters, freelance writers and sales professionals that you point to Affactive’s program. Whenever someone is directly referred to the Affactive through one of your unique links you get 8% of his/her revenue share. When your sub-affiliates find new affiliates you get 4% of their revenue share. It’s a great deal!

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