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Focal Click - Affiliate program review


Name Focal Click
Software Playtech
Revenue Share 25% - 35%
CPA yes - on demand
Multi Tier 5%
Payment Methods Check, Neteller, Wire Transfer

Focal Click affiliatesFocal Click is an on-line affiliate site which offers the partners a cooperation thanks to which they can generate the revenue by referring new customers to casino and poker brands. Focal Click guarantees professional, prompt and attentive support from Affiliate Managers who are greatly experienced. Focal Click has monthly payments that are quickly paid to the partners, and real-time stats you can rely on because they are accurate and very detailed. Their marketing tools are very helpful and they bring many benefits. In addition, they don't have any carryovers which are negative.

Focal Click easily connects partners with new customers and helps convert proper traffic into cash. Any customer that is referred by partners contributes to generate the revenue, so the more customers will be directed to them, the more revenue partners are likely to get.

The company has an affiliate team which is extremely dedicated and helps partners to realize their potential and maximize their profits. Moreover, Focal Click supply its partners with innovative banners together with exclusive promotions and compelling content.

The process of signing-up is very easy because all you need to do is fill in forms, give your personal information and set a password (any data which are related to players remains company’s exclusive property). Then you have to wait for a response from the Focal Click but usually it’s a quick process. However, before you decide to sign-in you have to be aware that the site has some terms and conditions on which you have to agree.

First of all, Focal Click tracks customers while they are playing, and also they have right to close customer accounts if there is need to. Also, an individual's customers are automatically their customers too and thus all the rules apply to them as well. After tracking the customers' play, they send to their partner a full detailed report about various activities. However, their frequency of sending the reports may varies from time to time. Focal Click is a company that provides 24 hour on-line access to the account in case someone wants to view the reports of the generated referral fees.

Furthermore, Focal Click pays referral fees on net revenue they earn from the players directed from individual sites - as soon as the players open accounts at participating on-line casinos and also as they wager for actual money. Besides that, they usually pays for the earnings only on real money lost in casinos and the real rake that's generated in a particular poker room. In addition, they give much less chargeback on bonus money that a player may receive. Focal Click make payments according to a payment plan which is consistent to the agreements that were made during signing in.

If you want make good money, you should consider to join Focal Click.

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