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AffClub affiliate program review


Name AffClub
Software Playtech
Revenue Share 25% - 40%
CPA up to $150
Multi Tier 5%
Payment Methods NETeller

AffClubAffClub is a company that works as an intermediary between affiliate marketers and 8, very popular on-line casinos. The program makes it easier for marketers to work with multiple casinos at once, and it saves all parties the inconveniences of unnecessary communication to secure partnership deals. Like most similar programs, AffClub pays affiliates varying percentages of the net revenue brought in by the sites from new players that you refer.

Apart from the revenue share, you are paid one-time bonus for every new player who will register thanks to you at one of the managed on-line casinos. In addition to the gross revenue sharing and players sign-up bonuses, you'll receive 5% of the gross revenue from players that your sub-affiliates secure. AffClub is a great site to work with because it cooperates with more brands than most other sites and it provides upfront payment for each new depositing player, rather than the misleading plans that you frequently see elsewhere.

The base rate for each new player that you secure is $50, and that rate goes up when you generate more new players per brand each month. When you secure between 11 to 25 new players per month, per casino you are moved up into the second bracket, where you are paid $100 per new player instead of $50. As an example, you could make $2,500 up front if you secured 25 new players in a month, and that is not including the amount you would be paid for any gross revenue generated by those players! What’s more - up to 26 depositing players referred by you mean that you will gain $150 per player (+ $3,900).

To make money by working with AffClub and its partnered brands, you only need to have an approved website and some good ideas for independent marketing. You must also agree to the terms of service, which are in place to prevent plagiarism, spamming and dishonest advertising. At this time, due to recent restrictions on on-line gambling, marketers in Spain cannot work with AffClub. Contrary to popular belief, you can legally work as an affiliate marketer if you live in America, despite the fact that on-line gambling is illegal there.

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