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Affiliate Lounge review


Name Affiliate Lounge
Software Net Entertainment
Revenue Share 30% - 50%
Multi Tier 5%
Payment Methods Check, Neteller, Wire Transfer

Affiliate LoungeAffiliate Lounge is a great program that helps you generate quality traffic to your on-line gaming website. Right traffic is essential because it helps to promote profitability in the business. Therefore, if you are interested in clients who love on-line sports, casino, bingo or poker, this is the best affiliate program that will help you earn money in easy and convenient way.

By joining Affiliate Lounge you increase your chances for earning huge commissions – you are ensuring your clients that they are using one of the leading brands offered by the affiliates programs. Some of the leading brands that you could recommend to your clients include Casino Euro and Betsson and Cherry Casino - which are perfect if you are promoting specific on-line casino games such as slots, table games and roulette.

By cooperating with this well reputed and highly respected program, you can be sure to get excellent services for increased profitability. Affiliate Lounge has a team of highly experienced staff which offer multiple language support, wide array of effective marketing tools and trusted partner brands. For every player that you refer to the program, you stand to enjoy loads of lifetime revenue that comes with up to 50% share of total revenue.

There are no negative carryover what's making this program an excellent and the best choice to settle for. Affiliate Lounge offers lots of benefits which guarantee an excellent growth and enhance reliability. This is related to the fact that Affiliate Lounge is a member of the Betsson Group. It also helps with generating desired traffic within the anticipated period of time – everything thanks to that that people are aware of its existence in on-line gaming industry.

Betsson Group is an award winning organization which was in the top 10 companies in E gaming industry. Therefore, when you join the program, you are assured to get right traffic as a result of good association with a highly respected and well renowned affiliates program.

Affiliate Lounge use multiple on-line reporting and tracking tools. They are highly effective since they can gather information pertaining to players' sign-ups, hobbies, conversations and other factual and helpful information. This ensures a real-time tracking of each player so that the best techniques can be used to that entice a player to visit your website - which gives you an opportunity to make money in a smart and convenient way.

Affiliate Lounge also offers a wide variety of effective marketing tools such as banners that effectively promote a website for notable results. The banners are available in 19 different languages what gives you a confidence that a large number of target players can read what is written in the placard and can understand why it’s worth to visit your sports website. Apart from the banners there are also other effective marketing tools that generate quality traffic giving affiliates an opportunity to make huge profits in the business.

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