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Mainstreet affiliate program review


Name Mainstreet
Software RTG (Realtime Gaming)
Revenue Share 40%
Multi Tier Tier Payment (Affiliate Referral Tiers)
Tier 1: 5%
Tier 2: 3%
Tier 3: 1%
(% of Net Win)

Mainstreet AffiliatesWhile most online casino affiliate programs focus on creating cross marketing ventures between member online casinos, Mainstreet Affiliates take their marketing program to the streets. This particular marketing program is designed to give bloggers and social media users the opportunity to promote one of four different online casinos in exchange for some nice commissions.

Mainstreet Affiliates represents the following four casinos: Sun Palace, SlotsPlus, Vegas Online and Las Vegas USA. These aren't fly-by-night operation. All four of these online casino sites have a significant presence on the Internet, generating millions of dollars in revenues on an annual basis.

Through the use of banner advertising materials provided by Mainstreet in conjunction with the four aforementioned sites, ordinary people can use their own blogs, websites, targeted ads and social media accounts to help promote these casinos. If players end up registering and playing at any of these four sites due to the advertising provided by an outside party, the outside party will be eligible to earn commissions on the revenues generated by the referred players. This will continue for as long as they player maintains a relationship with the casino.

The whole process is facilitated by a special software program used in conjunction with the Real Time Gaming software platform. Each referring customer is assigned a unique identification code that allows the software to teach layer activity and assign responsibility to specific referring entities. The software also provides statistical reports on a real time basis. At the and of each month, commissions can be calculated and Mainstreet Affiliates ends up facilitating the payment of commissions between the casinos and the referring party.

The amount commissions earned can be as high as 40% of the revenues generated by referred players. If the referred player should score a big win, the referring party is not penalized in any way, shape or form. Any negative balance that may occur are not subject to be carried forward from one month to the next. It's worth noting that revenues are usually calculated on a graduated scale. The more revenues generated by a referring entity's customers, the higher the percentage of monthly commission.

If you would like to become involved as a freelance referring entity, you are encouraged to contact company representatives at How often will you get the opportunity to make thousands of dollars by doing nothing more than including some advertising materials through one of your blogs or social media accounts?

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