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Wager Junction affiliate program review


Notice: In November 2016, Wager Junction - along with its properties (Windows Casino and King Solomons) has ceased its operations.

Wager Juction affiliate programWager Junction is a casino affiliates program which is different from other programs in a number of significant ways. Chief among them is that the program provides the access to multiple unique on-line establishments rather than just a single casino or casino family. When an audience has more options, it converts into referrals at a higher rate and those referrals tend to generate greater commissions over the life of the account.


The base rate for all Wager Junction affiliates is 35%, which is higher than the industry standard. In addition, all affiliates earn a rate of 50% during their first three months of participation, and this helps to ease the transition and make the growing pains less severe. Another way, that Wager Junction distinguishes itself, is having no expiration on affiliates. Most casino affiliate programs pay out to the referrer only for a specified period of time, such as six months or a year, but at Wager Junction, the affiliate “owns” that referral and continues to earn commission for the life of their account.

Second-Tier Referrals

Additionally, Wager Junction pays out a 5% commission on all second-generation referrals. In other words, if you make a referral through your website and then that person will refer another affiliate, you’ll earn a 35% commission on the initial accreditation and a 5% commission on the referral’s referral for the lifetime of your Wager Junction account. Better yet, there is no limit to the number of second-tier referrals you can have from a single original one, so your network can become quite large very quickly.


Wager Junction does a superb job of making the program accommodating to the new affiliate. Often, being a new affiliate is challenging because a great deal of work is required and the program may not reward it in any manner. Wager Junction, however, pays out on a monthly basis like clockwork, and it doesn’t matter how long the participant has been a member. In addition, the program pays out on any amount that is at least $20. Therefore, if you’ve been a member for 3 weeks and earned $28.25, you’ll receive a payment for the full amount. If you’ve earned $19.99 or less, then that amount will carry over to the next cycle, and there is never any negative carryover.

Targeting Referrals

Wager Junction also helps you procure new referrals. The program provides the proper graphics and texts that you might need to build your site. They even offer easy-to-use code for embedding Flash casino games directly into your pages. If you want to build the appearance of being your own casino, then you can do that. Wager Junction provides also tracking tools that allow you to analyze your referrals. By using this information, you’ll be able to target particular niches so you can actually have different sites focused on targeting different groups of people. Overall, Wager Junction is a powerful casino affiliates program that treats its members like the invaluable resource that they actually are.

Name Wager Junction
Software Playtech
Revenue Share 35% - 50%
2nd Tier 5%
Contact affiliates [AT]