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Acf Webmaster


UPDATE: Acf Webmaster has been merged into Live Partners affiliates. Its related casino properties, are no more operative.

ACF Webmaster

Casino gambling is nothing new. People have been playing casino games from years. There was a time when people used to go to offline, real casinos and play there. Thanks to the advancement in Internet technology people have become interested in on-line casinos. Today on-line gambling is very popular because it gives more flexibility to people; it allows them to play their favorites games at anytime and from anywhere.

In these days you don’t have to actually leave your house but you can enjoy all your favorite casino games on-line. Site ACF Webmaster provides you with top 3 options for affiliates. It offers you the highest ratios and awesome commission. The rewards and bonuses are impressive and the on-line gambling rooms are designed beautifully to give you a feeling of real gambling room. You can enjoy a monthly commission of 45% or a 50% straight commission on new players. A webmaster promotion at on-line Casino 770 can easily increase his revenue through ACF Webmaster’s Poker 770 bio-tracking tool. At ACF Webmaster you can use Money Booker, Neteller or wire transfer.

The affiliate program at ACF Webmaster is simple to use and play. To start to enjoy various benefits offered by gambling sites you just need to have an Internet connection and a computer. ACF Webmaster is ranked among the top websites because it offers more games and better bonuses to its players than other gambling websites available. Players can learn the game and understand the procedures before they invest real money in games – everything thanks to free money for new players. This kind of money cannot be withdrawn by the players but they can use it to play and invest in their games. The money is provided to test the various games.

This kind of flexibility and advantages are rarely offered by any other on-line casino programs (particularly for CAP, a free-roll can be arranged, so that all the players can enjoy playing at ACF Webmaster tables).

Specifics for affiliates:

  • Revenue Share: 50%
  • Monthly Payment Date: Payments made on the 5th of every month.
  • Cost per Acquisition: Yes
  • Multi Tier: Yes
  • Payment Methods: Wire Transfer, Money-bookers, Neteller, PayPal

ACF Webmaster is rated among the popular options available in different affiliate marketing programs. This particular program is giving the highest ratios and commissions that you can ever expect! At ACF Webmaster you can earn up to 50% of the commissions generated by your players and, what’s important, your fraction will automatically be transferred to you during the first 2 months of subscribing. After 2 months you will gain up to 25% according to the revenues that are generated by your players. You can also enjoy a CPA of £350 for every new member who makes a deposit.

Name ACF Webmaster
Software Fast-Cpu
Revenue Share 20% - 50%
Pay Per Player £50 - £350
Multi Tier 5%
Payment Methods Neteller, MoneyBookers, Wire Transfer, PayPal
Contact contact [AT]