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Wingate Affiliates


Notice: Wingate Affiliates is no longer active

Wingate Affiliates

Affiliate programs are nothing new to the on-line gambling world and actually they have been around for quite few years. The first one was established in the late 90's and since then, the programs have been popping up all over in the Internet, in order to compete on the market. Among these new programs appeared also the Wingate Affiliates which was launched in 2010. They're quite new and very enticing, so they deserve your interest!

Wingate Specifics

The Wingate Affiliates program is geared mainly for the European market of on-line players. They are building up their name and trying to recruit more casinos to be included in their ring of people. This will allow more people to have a possibility to get involved with them. The more casinos that are involved, the bigger the return will be for the people who decide to join the program.

Benefits for New Affiliates

Wingate Affiliates are aware that they are new on the market and therefore they need to be able to compete with the older and more established programs. They want to offer to their new members a great deals in order to entice them to actually try their service. They offer a great promotions for the first month. The first option is a $50 for each acquisition (which is technically called a cost per acquisition or CPA) and a 35% of the revenue that is brought in or - if the CPA isn't an appealing decision you can just opt for a 55% revenue share instead.

Additional Bonuses for Performance

Wingate Affiliates also offers extra bonuses to the individuals who perform the best once they have joined the program. They want to show to their best members that they are appreciated and that their contributions to the program are indeed valued and that’s why they will be rewarded. Each month, the affiliate who refers the biggest number of new players making a deposit will get a $500 bonus. This counts during the first full month so if you sign-up on April 2nd your first full month will be from May 1, to May 31.

Bonuses aren't awarded only on a monthly basis because a larger bonus of $2,000 is given to the person who performs the best during each quarter. This is happening to entice individuals to keep doing their best even after the first month of joining. The biggest bonus is given on an annual basis and it’s the huge amount of $10,000! So if you join the Wingate Affiliates and decide that the program is the right one for you keep at it and do your best. You will definitely be rewarded and you won’t regret the decision.

Name Wingate Affiliates
Software Microgaming
Revenue Share 20% - 30%
CPA 150$ - 250$
2nd Tier Yes
Payment Frequency Monthly
Payment Methods Neteller, Payspark, Click2Pay, Wire, EcoCard (Not for Us customers), WebMoney, UseMyWallet
Contact Fill form, Skype
Telephone +35625466699