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AffiliateClubAffiliateClub is an affiliate partnership-contracting site that works with a large groups of on-line casinos and independent web marketers. is a great opportunity for webmasters to make additional money by promoting 4 leading on-line gaming brands which ensure lucrative conversions: CasinoClub, CasinoClub Poker, PokerKings and SlotsClub. As a partner of, you will receive up to 55% revenue share for life without negative carry-over. All AffiliateClub brands are owned and operated by Gaming VC and publicly traded in London.

AffiliateClub is the site that for almost any web marketer, blogger, website owner or salesperson makes it possible to independently direct traffic and new customers into the gambling sites. When a new user signs up at on-line casino, the marketer who directed the new customer there may get a small finder’s fee. More importantly, the marketer can get up to 55% of the profits that the player generates for the on-line casino. AffiliateClub is also one of the few sites on the Internet that will partner with US-based marketers, many of whom are out of jobs due to America’s stifling restrictions. This company’s partnership-based advertisement model is not a “get-rich-fast” scam; on-line casinos generate a great deal of revenue, and it is advantageous to all three parties — the casinos, the middlemen and the marketers — to work together to maximize their collective profits.

Affiliate marketing has been around in various forms for millennia, but recent innovations in the Internet, as well as the advent of the on-line casino, have carved out a very specialized niche. Independent marketers and bloggers who use AffiliateClub gain access to a large pool of marketing deals with on-line casinos, without having to deal directly with any of the on-line casinos. This business model makes it easier for salespeople to find potential partners, much like a brokerage, except that the money comes from a fourth party — the new customers.

Independent marketers, also known as partners, utilize various web-marketing techniques to draw traffic to their own sites and blogs. Then they provide information about a service or product that they try to get viewers to sign-up for. The two, most common techniques used by partners are search engine optimization and targeted ads placement. Search engine optimization (SEO), in very few words, is the optimization of sites by complying all those rules that search engines require, along with strategic web marketing activities that makes a site rank higher, in web searches.

Targeted ads are using combinations of cookies, site partnerships and 'ad designs', to only show adverts to certain, interested people, which is cutting down on the cost of the whole marketing. The field of affiliate marketing is competitive, but those who can adapt and innovate, do very well; what’s important, the cost of starting is minimal to nonexistent, making it a potentially lucrative hobby.

As a partner of AffiliateClub, you receive prompt and reliable monthly commission payments on the 5th of every month. has a robust and highly user-friendly back-end. You get an access to comprehensive, detailed and customizable reporting tools so you always know how you stand with your commissions.

To help you promote the brands, a full range of marketing tools, such as attractive banners, are available to you. Affiliate partners also receive e-mail notifications about new promotions and a monthly newsletter. AffiliateClub partners appreciate the prompt, 24/7 access to the professional Affiliate Team.

Become a partner of AffiliateClub today! You can start earning commissions as early as this month.

Name AffiliateClub
Software GTECH
Revenue Share 55%
Currency Euros
Affiliate website languages English, German, Spanish
Telephone +972-737005663
Contact info [AT]