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Roxy Affiliates


UPDATE: on the 1th November 2015, Roxy Affiliates has been migrated into TTR Partners

Roxy affiliate programThere are a few different affiliate programs available for on-line casinos and on-line gambling. These programs can be quite beneficial for individuals who know how to make use out of them. However, each program has their own restrictions, rules and regulations so picking the right one depends on your good researches. You need to surf around and see which one would be the best for you. One of the most reputable and well known affiliate programs is Roxy Affiliates. This program might also be known by a few different names including the Casino Splendido, Roxy Poker and the Roxy Palace Online Casino.

How to Get Started

The process to get involved with Roxy Affiliates is very simple. All you need to do is to sign-up, pick how you are going to market yourself, work on promoting the website to get other people interested, and then - watch the cash that flows into your account. As you can see, it’s not a difficult process. To have a steady stream of money flowing in may just take some time but with some practice you will have it down in no time at all.

Why Choose Roxy?

Now, when you understand how the process works it's the time to choose the best program which suit your needs. Roxy Affiliates is a great choice because it’s very well established. Besides that, it’s a recognized and well gauged name when it comes to on-line gambling. Roxy Affiliates is chosen by people very often, because they want to cooperate with sites that are trusted and that have been around for a longer time - it shows that they work well and that they can be beneficial for them.

Players who are members of Roxy Affiliates are well established in the program and usually they have been members for quite some time. This means that Roxy Affiliates is a bit more reputable than other sites where all the members are new and not used to the way that program works. As the members generally stay around for a longer time it means that you are more likely to make more money off of them since it's a marketing program.

Financial reports are quite detailed and provided to the members of the site without any problems. Other positive fact is that you can keep a track of your earnings on a daily basis and no, as it is on some alternative sites, where you can check it only on the end of the week of even month.

One of the drawbacks of Roxy Affiliate program is that players from the United States are not eligible to be members. This is pretty much the only one problem that people may find in this affiliate program.

Getting Paid

Payment at is easy to understand and doesn't have any hidden fine print which would impair or impede your ability to get the money that you've earned. It’s regulated that all payments are given on the 7th of each and every month. You also aren't limited to getting paid in only one method because Roxy Affiliate offers a variety of different ways.

Name Roxy Affiliates (TTR Partners)
Software Microgaming
Revenue Share 25% - 35%
Languages English, French, German, Swedish, Portugues, Español, Italian
Payment Methods Cheque, Neteller, Bank wire, EziPay
Contact robertr [AT]
Telephone Tel: +44 (0) 20 7483 9279