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AffEurope Affiliate Program Review


UPDATE: this affiliate program has shut down in date 31 December 2014

Name AffEurope
Software Playtech
Revenue Share 30% commissions for life
CPA up to $250 per player
Payment Methods Cheque, Wire Transfer, MoneyBookers, NETeller

AffEuropeIn the online gaming industry, online casino and sportsbook sites have learned to lean on each other to help generate extra income. This is usually facilitated through the use of an affiliate program that links participating member sites together through a singular software platform. Prior to its closure in December of 2014, the AFFEurope affiliate program was used to link together a small group of online gaming interests.

The goal of an affiliate program is to motivate online gaming sites to cross advertise and refer players to affiliated sites. In exchange for using banner and other forms of advertising to accomplish this goal, the site who received the referrals will pay the referring site a portion of the revenues generated from the referred player. The interaction between parties is tracked through a software platform that records deposits, wins and losses, and helps calculate the commissions due from one site to another at the end of each month.

This particular program was run on the Playtech software platform. Unlike many of the other viable affiliate programs that existed in the marketplace prior to this program's closure, this program offered a rather simplistic approach to revenue sharing related to referred players. Instead of using a graduated scale that ramped up commission percentages based on an increasing number of referrals per month, AffEurope offered a flat 30% commission on all revenues generated for the duration of a particular player's relationship with the referred site. In lieu of monthly commissions, the referring site could request a flat fee of $50 - $250 per client, usually negotiated based on the total of clients being referred. In either case, the pay scale is on the low side, which might have contributed to the fact the AffEurope program no longer exists.

At the time of the program's demise, it was servicing three sites that focused on trading and sports betting, along with three major online casino sites that were running on Playtech's robust software platform. Payments were being sent out once a month through one of the following payment options: Cheque, Wire Transfer, MoneyBookers, NETeller. Referring sites were not penalized when referred players had significant winnings. Additionally, negative balances were never applied as carryovers from one month to the next. Generally, all the marketing materials that were being used by the member sites were created and housed by the AffEurope software program.

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