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Wager Share affiliates

Notice: Wager Share has been merged (in conjunction with Refer Back) into Buffalo Partners, in date 31 July 2014

Name Wager Share
Software Microgaming
Revenue Share 25% - 50%
Multi Tier 5%
CPA Negotiable
Payment Methods ACH, Check, Neteller, PaySpark, Wire Transfer

Wager ShareWager Share was formed in 2001 and to this day is recognized as the premier affiliate program in the on-line gaming industry.

Wager Share represent The Palace Group, one of the most successful on-line gaming groups in the world who operate Spin Palace Casino, Ruby Fortune Casino, Mummy's Gold Casino, Piggs Casino and Spin Palace Poker.

Wager Shares goal is to supply their affiliates with the best and the most effective marketing tools and to provide detailed tracking reports which allows them to gain profits from the lucrative industry of Internet gambling. They offer the most competitive commission structure in the business thanks to which they have earned an industry-wide reputation for honesty and reliability that they strive to uphold.

Currently, Wager Share handles 7 major gambling sites and works with affiliate marketers to promote its managed brands. The site features a straightforward and transparent revenue-sharing program that evaluates how many players you have attracted and secured; the more players you secure, the higher your commission is. There is also a competitive CPA model that pays you a flat rate for every player you find, though the rates may vary according to which casino they play at. In addition to your 40% cut from gross player-generated revenue, you can make additional money by taking a 2% cut from whatever your sub-affiliates make. Unlike many similar programs, this one is devoid of loopholes and obscure terminology that can diminish your actual incomes. At Wager Share you are being paid fairly for your hard work so everyone wins. By working with Wager Share you can generate a significant amount of passive income at zero startup cost - whether you are new to the business or you are a web-marketing veteran.

Imagine the following scenario: In your hometown you are putting up billboards and flyers that talked about how great Las Vegas is, what some of the best casinos are and which games are the best. Perhaps 1 in 200 people who sees your flyer ends up by going to Las Vegas. Every time one of these people goes to Sin City, you make 40% of whatever he or she loses. Over some time, tens of thousands of people will see your flyers and hundreds of them will go to Vegas to play at the casinos you recommended. You eventually end up by making thousands of dollars per month by taking almost half of their losses every time they go back.

If this story sounds too good to be true, believe it - it might be real! Wager Share gives you proper business tools to promote on-line casinos on the Internet so you can make a high percentage of whatever revenue is generated by your players during their entire playing lifetimes. You earn 50% of whatever new players lose for the first month of their play. Afterwards, you make anywhere between 25-40% of the gross revenue that all of your players generate. If you secure under 10 players, you make 25%. When you eventually get over 101 players, you make 40% of whatever they lose — forever.

Wager Share relationship with affiliates is mutually profitable and no matter how big or small you are – this company will cooperate with you.

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